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There are a lot of companies claiming to be backed by attorney in order to collect a monthly fee and an upfront fee. This fee is usually in excess of 25% - 35%. For $30,000.00 in debt and a 35% fee will cost you $10,500.00 in fees alone, and in most cases they want their fee in the first 15 months of their programs; BEFORE THE WORK IS DONE or EVEN STARTED. That's not fair to you because you are not saving towards paying off your creditors, your only paying a fee to a company.
We do not charge a fee until we settle your accounts. We ensure our clients are adhering to the Monthly Savings Schedule we have outlined for them in their own Trust account. Once you have funds accumulated and we have a settlement offer on the table with one of your enrolled accounts; you pay the settlement amount to your creditor and only pay us a performance fee for obtaining the best possible settlement offer.

For example: If you take a 30,000.00 debt total, if you pay us and your creditors a combined total of 50%. That is a true savings of approximately 50%; meaning it cost you no more than approximately $15,000.00; taking into consideration that interest and penalties will continue to accrue on accounts. That means the difference in the two programs can save you over $1,500 - $11,500; that is your hard earned money and we want you to keep it.