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We are a debt negotiation firm with over 15 years of financial experience. We deal with collection agencies, credit card companies, banks, etc.and have a great rapport and track record of effective settlements with them. We work strictly on a performance basis, no results, no fee, therefore this is a win-win situation.

Discover debt negotiation without up-front fees – that delivers real results!

Consumers Debt Help Association is the right choice! We stand behind our top-notch service. We invite you to go online, google us, and review our business status.

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What we do here at Consumer Debt Help Association is negotiate down credit card balances for our clients, we work very hard to negotiate the lowest possible settlement on every account enrolled in the program. We do not charge a fee until we settle your accounts and the creditors have received payment on each account. We ensure our clients are adhering to the Monthly Savings Schedule we have outlined for them in their own FDIC Insured dedicated savings account. Once you have funds accumulated and we have a settlement offer on the table with one of your enrolled accounts; you pay the settlement amount to your creditor and only pay us a performance fee for that account settled, all of these funds will come from your dedicated savings account and the payment method will be traceable to ensure the payment is credited correctly. This process repeats for each card enrolled in the program.