Will I still receive harassing phone calls from my creditors?

Probably; by law your creditors have a right to contact you for an owed debt. In most cases, creditors and collectors only way to collect is to call or write. This can become bothersome. Some negotiation companies send letters, such as Cease & Desist letters, to try and stop the calls, some companies just tell you to ignore the calls and dont answer. Cease & Desist letters letters will be sent on your behalf from Consumer Debt Help Association to try and ease the stress of aggressive collectors. The Cease & Desist letters will direct the creditors to continue to send all correspondence through mail and to contact our office directly by phone instead of calling you directly. Not every creditor will abide by the Cease & Desist letters but there are laws in place that protect you under the FDCPA, we will walk you through your rights.